Reliable Attendance Time Recorder for SMEs

Do you own a small or medium size business and need assistance improving employee time management? Employee attendance tracking software designed for SMEs, or small or medium enterprises, integrates with a variety of payroll-processing systems and offers secure cloud-based storage for your data. The uAttend™ workforce management system specializes in employee time and attendance tracking, which helps owners effectively calculate everything from wages and overtime to benefits and sick time. Additionally, because they're web-based, our employees’ time clocks collect information in real time meaning you can view your data anywhere with an Internet connection and computer or mobile device.

Strengthen Your Company

For SMEs, an important concern involving labor costs and employee management is unauthorized overtime. Time attendance clocks allow business owners to track early arrivals and late departures, saving you money and aggravation. Implementing a practical system to regulate employee attendance is an excellent way to advance your company and prevent future disputes involving employee work hours. With the uAttend™ Employee Management System, you’ll have the opportunity to not only improve monitoring and managing employee time, but also simultaneously strengthen other pillars of your company.

Reduce Unnecessary Issues

There are a number of issues surrounding employee attendance that can lessen your company's productivity if left unaddressed. Employee time tracking software reduces the chances that deception involving work hours will occur, thus improving the quality of your staff and business. Issues such as rounded-up work hours, leaving early without notice, falsifying times on time cards and punching in for fellow employees are significantly reduced with the help of an automated uAttend system. You no longer have to focus on rectifying such situations, as you’ll have instant access to detailed information regarding each of your employees’ schedules and work hours.

Easy to Install & Customize

When you purchase a uAttend time clock, you can expect quick and easy setup. Our attendance solutions offer a "plug n' play" feature that removes the need for frustrating, time-consuming setups or user training. After your purchase, you can simply plug in the clock to begin collecting and recording employee work hours. In addition, our software integrates with a variety of the latest payroll systems and technologies and offers helpful cloud-based features. Choose from a variety of time collecting options including an RFID card reading time clock, biometric fingerprint time clocks, Smart phone and mobile apps, a Web page or even touch-tone phone.

Have a question about our web-based attendance software? Contact uAttend at 800-518-8925 for more information.