Web Based Attendance Tracking Software for Business Owners

Is tracking employee work hours and productivity a challenge for you? If you own a business, you likely have first-hand experience with the problems that accompany employee time management. For a practical, inexpensive and automated time tracking solution, turn to the uAttend™ Employee Management System. uAttend provides a simple solution that will allow you as a business owner to keep better track of your employees' attendance and performance. Our web-based time clock software is affordable, dependable and easy to use making it a popular choice among small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Cost-Effective & Dependable

Larger companies typically have the means to invest heavily in expensive computer systems that are tailored to their unique needs, specifically when it comes to tracking employees’ time. However, it can be different for SMEs who often have a strict budget that doesn't allow them to purchase such intricate systems. Time clock software for SMEs gives business owners the opportunity to purchase cloud-based, quality attendance tracking systems for a reasonable price, giving them access to the same valuable technology and resources that their larger competitors have. If you're looking for web-based, wireless time clocks, consider a uAttend time and attendance system – it is by far one of the most affordable solutions around.

Easily Integrated

We provide accurate and reliable web-based time clock software to SMEs, giving you the ability to manage your employees and improve their overall attendance behaviors. Our cloud-based systems are designed to meet the time tracking needs of SMEs. uAttend employee management systems are 100% "plug n' play", meaning you don't have to worry about complex setups, installations or user training. Additionally, our software integrates easily with nearly all payroll-processing systems such as QuickBooks, Paychex, ADP and Sure Payroll.

Access Data From Anywhere

Because uAttend employee management systems are entirely web-based, work hours are delivered and recorded without delay. Our wireless time clocks also provide reliable security, allowing only authorized personnel to view sensitive employee data. As a supervisor, you'll have the freedom to make changes to any of your settings at any time providing greater flexibility and organization. Also, because uAttend's system is cloud-based, you'll have the option to review employee attendance information from anywhere at anytime.

For more information on uAttend cutting-edge wireless time clock solutions, contact us at 800-518-8925.