uAttend is more than just a time clock. IT IS A COMPLETE SOLUTION AT HIGHLY AFFORDABLE PRICES for your staff attendance and time management needs. The sections below explain why uAttend Biometric Time Clock Solutions are the best choice for you  
How it works  
uAttend's biometric fingerprint time clocks are like invisible time keepers recording employee time and attendance data accurately and to-the-minute. These biometric time clock devices use the unique biometric traits of the human fingerprint to identify employees. An employee simply punches in and out with his or her fingerprint. The uAttend finger print time clock then compares this fingerprint against the print stored in its database. Since it is impossible to forge data from finger print time clocks, there is no possibility of buddy punching.
Employees Punch in or out from a uAttend time clock and/or website or phone Managers login to website to view hours, run reports,make changes and manage system. All data is available to export to your payroll company or to run interner payroll.
The time and attendance data is recorded and stored online by web time clocks, accessible for you and other authorized persons to view anytime and from anywhere in the world. With our time and attendance solutions you can watch over your business even when you are away from it. You might be in Hawaii vacationing with your family and yet would have full access to information like which employee arrived at what time.
Now isn’t that a wonderful tool to have?  
How can it help me?

Equipped with state-of-the-art time and attendance software, uAttend's web time clocks play
a pivotal role in streamlining the employee time management processes of its clients.
Our biometric timeclocks are the key to effectively putting an end to
time theft and buddy punching. Businesses lose thousands of dollars annually to these practices; eliminating them adds
to a corporation's bottom line.

uAttend is able to bring an element of accountability into the workplace which helps improve organizational efficiency. Zero time theft means better employee productivity. Better productivity means higher revenues, and higher revenues mean a good Return On Investment.

Why uAttend is the best solution for me?

We are proud to put our product into test and compare it with our competitors. There is no match with our product line though but here is how we stand apart in terms of cost-effectiveness with advance feature:
How do I know it really works?
uAttend has helped hundreds of businesses with its affordable and proven result oriented solutions. Here you can read some of their messages for you.
“We have been using the uAttend time clock and payroll system for several months now and I am absolutely 100% pleased with it. It was so easy to install and use. The reports are easy to read and use. It is so beneficial to be able to look in the sysem and see who is clocked in. It helps me to adjust schedules because I can look at an entire department and see how many employees are working as opposed to how many are currently needed I am able to address many problems immediately, such as employees that are late or clocking in early. The fact that the uAttend system can interface with our payroll is also a great time saver, and eliminates the possibility of errors. I highly recommend this simple but very effective uAttend system. I have never had any problems or concerns but the help section and live chat are always available.”
- Carol Campbell, Dollar Rent a Car
ProcessingPoint has done an outstanding job for our small business. We first started with the uAttend employee management system. We were so impressed with their service and dedication to our success we added uEmploy and uAccept. They make it easy to use their services and have a clear understanding of what a small business like ours needs! Mahola ProcessingPoint!
- Jeff Onderko, West Maui Pet Supply
We just switched our entire company over to this new time management system and we are thrilled with the 5 star quality customer service & the ease of our transition. It's exceptionally easy to use and all of our employees are just as pleased to use it as our administrator. It's so helpful to access our time cards online! We used the online instant chat during the installation & they were quick & ready to help with the install! The support rep, Neil & even the COO, Andrew were both super knowledgeable & helpful with all of our questions and concerns. I would recommend this product to EVERYONE!!!"
- Surf Rider, Oceanside
Being musicians we don't have the time or expertise to focus on running our business like other small businesses do. We wanted a vendor that can provide multiple solutions and make it simple for our staff to use and implement. All of
ProcessingPoint's services do just that! We can now focus on what we do best knowing we have a vendor we can trust! Thank you ProcessingPoint!
- Ryan, Pure Rock Studios
Fingerprint time clocks are available in two models:

  • Plug 'n Play WIFI or Ethernet Connection
  • Biometric: Fingerprint
  • 5,000 Employees
  • Free Lifetime Replacement
  • Upload Company Logo
  • Large Color Display


  • Biometric Fingerprint
  • Optional PIN Punch
  • Plug 'n Play Internet
  • Free Lifetime Replacement
  • 5,000 Employees
  • Large Color Display
  • Upload Company Logo


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