Q: What are the benefits of a web-based time and attendance system?

A: Utilizing a completely web-based time and attendance system has many benefits over traditional time and attendance systems:
  1. Access data any time, anywhere. No need to travel to an office or off site location to pick up time and attendance data.
  2. Receive data from multiple locations. All data is delivered to one account eliminating the need to aggregate disparate reports.
  3. No software to install or maintain. No IT issues, no software upgrades, no issues!
  4. Grow your business without outgrowing your system. uAttend allows you to quickly and easily add new employees, locations, and time clocks.

Q: Is uAttend more expensive than a traditional time clock because of the monthly subscription?

A: Absolutely not. The total cost of ownership for a CB1000 or CB2000 is typically 40 – 80% less than the total cost of ownership for a comparable time clock over the course of three or more years. It’s important to factor in the cost of software upgrades, service and support contracts, and extended warranties when contemplating buying a time clock that does not have a lifetime warranty (for all active subscribers).

Q: Which uAttend timeclock is right for me?

A: All uAttend time clocks share similar features:
  • Plug and play ready
  • Send data in real time to a web-hosted account
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Easy to use
Choosing the uAttend timeclock that is right for you is based on your needs:
  • Do you need a WIFI connection or can you connect to your router with an Ethernet cable?
  • Do you want your employees to punch with a card or key fob or with a biometric punch (fingerprint or face)?
Use the chart below to pick the best time clock for you!

Q: Which time clock is right for me?

A: Use the following flow chart to pick the right clock for you:

I want my employees to punch with:
  1. Fingerprints (see Fingerprint timeclocks below)
  2. Facial Recognition (see Facial Recognition timeclocks below)
  3. RFID Card or RFID Keyfob (see RFID time clocks below)

I want to connect the clock to the Internet via:
  1. Ethernet cable
  2. WIFI Connection

Fingerprint Timeclocks:
  • BN1500 - Fingerprint / Ethernet Connection
  • BN3000 - Fingerprint / Ethernet Connection
  • BN2500 - Fingerprint / WIFI Connection
  • BN4000 - Fingerprint / WIFI Connection

Facial Recognition Timeclocks:

  • MN1000 - Face Recognition / Ethernet Connection
  • MN2000 - Face Recognition / Ethernet Connection

RFID Timeclocks:

  • CB1000 - RFID Card / Ethernet Connection
  • CB1500 - RFID Card / EThernet Connection
  • CB2000 - RFID Card / WIFI Connection
  • CB2500 - RFID Card / WIFI Connection

Q: I want to use your system, but I don’t need a time clock. What are my options?

A: Many companies utilize uAttend for tracking their employee’s time and attendance without using a time clock. These companies have employees that log in and log out from either a web browser, smartphone application (free iPhone and Android apps available) or with a telephone ( additional fees apply). To get started without purchasing a time clock, simply click Memberships.

Q: Are uAttend timeclocks really plug and play?

A: Yes, all uAttend timeclocks are incredibly easy to set up. The entire set up process takes under 5 minutes and requires absolutely ZERO network configurations (for most networks).

Q: Am I locked into a long service contract when I purchase a uAttend Time Clock?

A: Never! We are so confident that you will love our service that you can stop any time. Our service is month to month, and, to top it off, if you cancel within your first 30 days you are entitled to a complete refund!

Q: What do I do if my uAttend timeclock stops working?

A: Call (800) 518-8925 and speak with a customer service representative. They will help you troubleshoot your device, and if we can’t get you going again, we will send you a replacement.

Q: Do my employees have to choose if they are going to punch in from a time clock or a web browser or a phone?

A: Your employees can clock in or out from any device, web-browser, or phone at any time. For example, an employee can punch in from a timeclock and punch out from a web browser based on settings you decide!