J. McLaughlin - Manhattan, New York

J. McLaughlin is a reknown supplier of classic, American-made apparel that focuses on using high-quality fabrics and materials. Anticipating a growing number of national retail locations and a booming retail website, J. McLaughlin wanted a flexible and innovative solution for its payroll and time tracking needs. With its affordable time clocks and timekeeping software, as well as its easy installation and Plug ‘n Play set up, uAttend was the perfect solution for J. McLaughlin.

East Side Deli - Portland, Oregon

East Side Deli operates three premiere delicatessen and sandwich shops in Portland, Oregon. Prior to uAttend, the company manually recorded employee time and attendance, which meant managers spent countless hours calculating paper timesheets and processing payroll. In addition, the owner had to physically collect timesheets from all three locations. Thanks to uAttend’s online timekeeping software system, East Side Deli now processes payroll in less than an hour from the convenience of one office.

Surf Ride - Oceanside, California

Surf Ride is a Southern California retailer of surfboards and surfing lifestyle products and accessories including wetsuits, skateboards, clothing, apparel, sunglasses, watches and more. uAttend’s time tracking software and biometric time clocks have helped the company reduce employee time theft practices, as well as streamline their payroll processing. With more than 50 employees at three different locations, the uAttend Employee Management System has saved Surf Ride valuable time and money.

SirReel Studios - Burbank, California

SirReel is a one-stop studio rental shop for anything and everything needed for a movie, film, video or commercial set from stage rentals and make-up stations, to motor homes, trucks, and production supplies. Thanks to uAttend’s sophisticated time tracking software system with fingerprint recognition, SirReel’s employees have become much more punctual, productive and accountable for their work hours. In addition, managers have 24/7 online access to real-time employee work hour data.

West Maui Pet Supply - Lahaina, Hawaii

West Maui Pet Supply is a popular island store that features an endless list of pet supplies and services from toys and food to grooming and daycare. West Maui Pet Supply turned to uAttend’s timekeeping software because the company was fed up with the frequent issues and crashes of its previous payroll system. The uAttend system is accurate, reliable, easy-to-use, and gives employees a variety of options to punch in and out with including a user-friendly mobile and smart phone application.

KLIM - Rigby, Idaho

From ATV's to snowmobiles and dirtbikes, KLIM Technical Riding Gear creates high-quality riding apparel for all motor sport enthusiasts. KLIM had previously been using a biometric time clock that was server based and decided they wanted to take their time and attendance tracking to the cloud. With uAttend's biometric time clock and online attendance software, KLIM can now access employee data from virtually anywhere to monitor and track attendance or to process payroll.

All South Warehouse - Atlanta, Georgia

All South Warehouse is a large storage and distribution company for good manufacturers across the country. With nearly one million square feet of warehouse space, multiple storage locations and administration offices, it’s important for All South Warehouse supervisors to know exactly where its employees are at any given time of the day. uAttend’s online employee time tracking software helps them accomplish this and more. Utilizing the flexibility of the Internet, the uAttend Employee Management System helps All South Warehouse operate more efficiently and saves supervisors valuable time when it comes to monitoring employee attendance and processing payroll.


"About seven months ago we decided to take our company in a different direction, which required us to recruit a lot of part-time staff members. Suddenly the world of timekeeping for payroll purposes became from and center for our finance department. A quick search of smarter ways for timekeeping brought us to the uAttend website. Form the over-the-phone and webcast demo of the time clock and software, to the quick delivery, and even quicker implementation and subsequent support we've had, we feel very pleased with the decision we made seven months ago. Want to talk to somebody on the phone? They'll talk to you - no machines, no ring-groups, just a person on the end of a phone. You can't beat that for support. Our finance team loves it, our part-time staff loves it, and I never have to worry about timesheets or spreadsheets. The time clock gives me great reports, easy access, and lots configurability. Great people - great solutions. We couldn't be happier."


"We have been using the uAttend time clock and payroll system for several months now and I am absolutely 100% pleased with it. It was so easy to install and use. The reports are easy to read and use. It is so beneficial to be able to look in the system and see who is clocked in. It helps me adjust schedules because I can look at an entire department and see how many employees are working as opposed to how many are currently needed. I am able to address many problems immediately, such as employees that are late or clocking in early. The fact that the uAttend system can interface with our payroll is also a great time saver and eliminates the possibility of errors. I highly recommend this simple, but very effective uAttend system. I have never had any problems or concerns but the help section and live chat are always available."


"uAttend has solved two big problems for our company. First, payroll processing used to be painfully inefficient and inaccurate. It is now a breeze with the summary reports that export to Excel. Employee “buddy stamping” had also been a problem for years resulting in several terminations. With the fingerprint technology of the biometric time clock, I’m glad to know that won’t ever happen again. All of this has been accomplished very affordably and reliably. The uAttend service has added a lot of value to our company."


"Being musicians, we don't have the time or expertise to focus on running our business like other small businesses do, especially when it comes to managing employee time and attendance. We wanted a vendor that can provide multiple solutions and make it simple for our staff to use and implement. Processing Point does just that! The uAttend employee time tracking solution has been one of the most beneficial options for us, but we highly recommend any and all of Processing Point’s services. We can now focus on what we do best knowing we have a vendor we can trust!"


"We incorporated the uAttend time tracking system into our digital pads. uAttend has allowed us to time in multiple crews - working in multiple states – while monitoring the times and location of the pad relative to the project site all from our corporate office. uAttend has streamlined every aspect of our time collection process."


"Processing Point has done an outstanding job for our small business. We first started with the uAttend employee management system. We were so impressed with their service and dedication to our success we added uEmploy and uAccept. They make it easy to use their services and have a clear understanding of what a small business like ours needs! Mahola Processing Point!"


“uAttend is an excellent program for our needs. The customer service, sales and service teams are very responsive to all of our requests for assistance! We couldn’t ask for a better experience in managing our time clock program. Managing our time has been simplified thanks to uAttend."


"uAttend is great! They have made my life so much easier and I would not be able to handle payroll without them. They are so helpful any time I have an issue, and they spend as much time as I need walking me through the problem."


"I am very happy with both my uAttend CB2500 and uAttend's customer service. Any time I call, someone is on the line within 5 minutes or less. Not only have I found the time clock easy to use, it also saves me time and money in the long run with replaceable units and RFID proximity cards. My clock is set up to email me weekly to show me who is working what hours, when they arrived, when they left, etc. This has been one of the best services for me. Thank you uAttend for a great product and great support!"


“Today was the end of our first payroll period using the uAttend system. What a time saver! Upon reviewing our department summaries, I was delighted to see the information exceeded my expectations and was extremely easy to understand. The system was easy to navigate and provided valuable data for reporting and will be a great budgeting tool!”

- Marci, Operations Manager, Animal Care League

"I had a great experience with setting up the uAttend system. It was really easy and I also never thought a time clock could be so cool. The tech support is great and all the different ways to clock in and out fit all company employee needs. I had called different local companies and asked if they had something like this product and no company had wireless. And when I told them all the features CB2000 had and the price we would be getting it for, they recommended to go and buy it! Now I’m telling you To GO buy IT!"


“As a company with 4 offices around the world, keeping track of employees, time zones and clock ins using traditional in-office-installed biometrics software is simply impossible - trust me, we tried! And just when the IT guys were ready to call it quits, our uAttend units arrived. Within 15 minutes, we were able to see clock ins on the dashboard. A week later we already had a unit installed in our Asia office, and it has been working like a charm ever since!"


“I highly recommend uAttend. In my experience, their customer support has always been friendly and helpful. They have even proactively contacted first on a few occasions when they noticed that we had not set up a time clock correctly. My company has locations that cover four states, and this poses no problem using uAttend. Some vendors set limits on the number of employees and supervisors the system can handle, but there are no such limits with uAttend. The time clocks and the monthly fees are affordable. I especially appreciate the many options for customization and that I am now able to import hours to my payroll system."


We’ve used uAttend since we first opened 20 Lounge. I honestly don’t see how we would have done it without uAttend! I handle payroll for both our locations which is extremely efficient and easy with the uAttend system. Also, we use uAttend’s thumb print login system which is AWESOME! All of our new employees think we are so hip and cool for offering this. Overall 20 Lounge just really loves the uAttend system - it is extremely user friendly, easy to adjust and record info, and our staff finds it easy to login and out. What more could you ask for?"


“uAttend has been an unbelievable asset for Trombley Tire & Auto. I honestly do not know how we managed payroll without the system. We have six locations that are fairly spread out geographically. Prior to uAttend, each location had paper timecards that were marked with mechanical punch clocks. It was a nightmare to collect timecards for 50 employees from six different locations and finish payroll by each Monday’s deadline. The whole process was time consuming, prone to error and added to our operational costs. uAttend has an amazing online system that automatically records our employees’ work hours from all six stores and allows us to access their data from a single location. This has cut at least two to three hours off our payroll processing each week. To top it off, the attendance software is intuitive and easy to use. I love being able to go online to see who is working at each location, who is on lunch break, who was late, who left early or who is nearing overtime. I really cannot say enough about the uAttend time tracking system – it has saved us many, many hours. Any business with more than one location should have it. I will be looking into all of Processing Point’s services and products in the coming months because I'm sure they're as good as uAttend.”


“NorCal Cajun Foods is a big fan of uAttend. We are in the fast food industry and have about 100 employees spread across several locations. In addition to tracking our employees’ time and attendance, uAttend has also streamlined our payroll, saving us a ton of time and overhead. Before uAttend, we would physically collect paper time cards for each employee, then manually tally the work hours and enter this information into QuickBooks. Our payroll was tedious, time consuming, inconsistent and not always accurate. We wanted a solution that would automate our employee time and attendance, but most importantly, we wanted one that would help facilitate our payroll. We chose uAttend primarily because it integrates with QuickBooks and because it came so highly recommended online. The system has been a powerful asset. We basically save a full day of work every pay period because we can now automatically track and export employee work hours into QuickBooks. It literally takes three quick steps to export! The uAttend system was simple to install, easy to learn, and has given us a return on investment ten times over! If you use QuickBooks for payroll, I definitely recommend integrating with uAttend’s time and attendance solution. It has been exactly what we wanted, and more than we expected.”

- Sandy Mann, NorCal Cajun Foods, Inc.

“One of the best things about uAttend is the fact that they are accountable for their time clocks and time tracking software. The buck stops here so to speak. If something is wrong, they don’t point fingers, rather they take it upon themselves and are committed to fixing the issue. I also like the fact that when I call, I get an actual person on the phone who is ready and willing to help."


“I recently opened a second veterinary clinic and needed an easy, inexpensive way for my employees to clock in and out from multiple locations. uAttend was the answer. I signed up and within a day I had a workable "time clock" that my employees could use from each of our locations. The system is very useful and technical support is easy to get a hold of.”

- Shelley J. Lenz, DVM, Ph.D. Killdeer Veterinary Clinic

Euro-Asian Automotive reaps savings from uAttend’s Employee Management System

Euro-Asian Automotive is an upper-end auto repair facility located in Eugene, Oregon. The company specializes in the care, repair and service of Japanese, Swedish and German automotives and has done so since 1975. Owner and President, George Rodes, also operates Autohaus and Stadium Automotive, both in Eugene, and employs 13 full-time workers throughout the three locations.



Fingerlakes Construction Company benefits from uAttend’s time and attendance smart phone application

Fingerlakes Construction Co., Inc. has four locations throughout New York State and consists of five companies: Brisky Supply Company, Fingerlakes Construction, Fingerlakes Garage Door, Parklane Construction & Development, and Weatheredge Building Components. The organization has been in business since 1969 and employs approximately 150 full-time and part-time employees.



Johnny’s Bar saves valuable time with uAttend’s Time and Attendance Tracking System

Johnny’s Bar is a full-service beverage establishment that serves California’s Los Angeles Highland Park community and surrounding areas. With a broad selection of liquor and beer, Johnny’s is known for its casual, laid-back atmosphere and fun happy hours.



uAttend’s Employee Management System helps Maui Mike’s Fire-Roasted Chicken reduce costs

Located in Wahiawa on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, Maui Mike’s is known for its quality and value, as well as its festive Aloha spirit. The restaurant proudly serves 100% fresh and all-natural chicken and has been doing so since 2005.



uAttend Time Clock and Online Time Tracking System Streamline 20 Lounge's Payroll

20 Lounge’s two hip and vibrant boutique nail salons in Scottsdale, Arizona and Encinitas, California, offer their patrons a unique beauty experience. Customers receive pedicures, manicures, waxes and facials all the while enjoying their choice of beer or sparkling wine from the 20 Lounge bar.


The uAttend™ Employee Management System Simplifies Payroll for Trombley Tire & Auto

Trombley Tire & Auto is a prominent tire dealership in upstate New York. In addition to selling high quality tires, this family-owned business is also a full-service repair shop offering oil changes, wheel alignments, brake inspections, preventative maintenance and more. With six locations, 50 employees and more than 50 years in business, Trombley Tire & Auto has built a reputation based on hard work, commitment, quality and service.



uAttend’s Cloud-Based Software Helps the Animal Care League Forecast Costs and Balance Workload

The Animal Care League (ACL) is a non-profit animal shelter located in Oak Park, Illinois. Founded in 1973, the shelter helps homeless cats, dogs and other small animals by providing them food, shelter, medical attention and much needed affection until they find a new home. The shelter consists of 30 full-time employees and more than 250 active volunteers.


Streamlined Solutions with Our Time Keeping Software

At uAttend, we strive to offer valuable time and attendance solutions that are flexible, efficient, reliable and secure. Our innovative cloud-based software helps streamline your business by automatically managing and compiling your payroll data and reducing the chance for human error. Running on Software as a Service (SaaS), our solutions are web-based and allow you to instantly and accurately record all your employees’ work data, and our online access makes all your information readily available so you can monitor and manage your employees at anytime from anywhere.

Time Tracking Software - A Cutting Edge Technology

uAttend digital time clocks feature cutting edge technology and sophisticated time keeping software that gives customers an easy and reliable solution for time management. We offer several WIFI-ready time clock models, including a biometric attendance system that uses fingerprint recognition technology to identify employees when they punch in and out. In addition to our wireless time clocks, we offer cloud-based time tracking software that enables employees the option to punch in and out with a web-browser, smartphone or mobile device. Having access to the online storage capabilities of cloud computing technology ensures that your data is accurately recorded in real-time and stored securely on our servers for retrieval. You can’t do that with a mechanical time clock!

Seamless Integration & Customization

Our solutions can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization whether you are looking for mobile time tracking software, a digital time clock or an attendance management system (or any of the above!). Not only does our time keeping software allow payroll departments to seamlessly integrate work-hour data with current payroll accounting programs, but the time clocks themselves are easy to install and operate with no software to download or complex programs to install.

If you're ready to modernize your employee-tracking system, view our latest timeclock models.

Setting a Higher Standard for Time keeping Software

uAttend strives to provide a higher standard when it comes to customer service. Our goal is your complete satisfaction with both our time clocks and employee management software. We achieve this goal by going above and beyond to ensure you are happy with uAttend as your service provider. For example – did you know that 100% of our customer support is done through our corporate office in Carlsbad, California? And that you will ALWAYS get a real person to work with whether it’s on the phone, chat or email? We hold ourselves accountable for all of our products and services and will do everything we can to prove it.

Commitment to Service

Our customer service team is fully committed to serving your needs. Have questions setting up your wireless time clock or registering your online time tracking account? Give us a call! Our friendly and knowledgeable support team is ready to exceed your expectations. We respond to tickets right away and never keep our customers waiting. For your convenience, we also provide online chat and email support. The Live Chat is accessible directly within our employee management and time keeping software to give quick and immediate answers to your questions. Better yet - we guarantee you will never be charged for customer support. Our operators are cheerful and willing to assist you with any questions or concerns, and each representative is trained to support all uAttend time clocks and time tracking software. In addition to our outstanding customer service team, we offer free online tutorials and live demos to help address any of your questions and needs.

Customer Reinforcement

Ask any of our customers and they’ll tell you one thing - we’re not happy unless our customers are happy. We want your experience with uAttend to be a good one, which is why we make ourselves as accessible as possible and treat every customer as important as the next. uAttend support executives read every single ticket and make sure every single customer is responded to in the least amount of time. We even pick up the phones on the weekends if needed to make sure our customers are up and running. This is why we receive rave reviews time and time again from customers. Check out our customer testimonials and videos and you’ll notice a common theme – in addition to loving our time clocks and attendance tracking systems, clients are overly impressed with our level of customer service.

Time Tracking Software – All about Earning Your Trust

When you buy a time tracking solution with uAttend, you put your trust in our hands. Whether it’s purchasing a biometric time clock, proximity card reader or online membership plan, we strive to honor that trust and maintain a higher standard of excellence in everything we do for you. Our parent company, Processing Point, was founded on customer support. In order to stand out in a competitive, commodity-type industry such as merchant services, one has to be the very best in customer service. Processing Point became successful in merchant services due to our quick support response times and our personal relationships with customers. We’ve carried this philosophy over to uAttend, making customer service and satisfaction our main mission and goal.

Learn about our commitment first-hand! Purchase one of our affordable and effective time and attendance solutions and see for yourself. We invite you to look at our robust line of time clocks and encourage you to visit with a sales representative to help you find the right one.

If you're ready to modernize your employee-tracking system, view our latest timeclock models.

Incomparable Savings with Our Time Tracking Software

When it comes to savings, no other time and attendance management system comes close to uAttend. Our time clocks are far superior to our competitors, yet we remain one of the most affordable employee time tracking software and service providers around. We pride ourselves on offering cost effective employee management solutions that not only save you money upfront, but also deliver a long-term return on investment.

Affordable Time Keeping Software without Excessive Charges

The number one measure of savings that differentiates us from competitors is that we simply refuse to charge you excessively for things that should be free. Not only do we offer free smartphone and mobile applications, but we offer complimentary software upgrades, free technical support, free customer service and most importantly, we offer free lifetime replacements of our time clock devices.

Containing Payroll Costs

By coupling intelligent time clocks with cloud-based attendance tracking and time keeping software, uAttend saves businesses valuable dollars in payroll costs. Employees should only get paid for the time they’re actually working. Solutions like our biometric time clock technology prevent misuse by requiring a fingerprint scan for punching in or out. This type of increased security helps you contain costs and ensure your employees are accountable for work hours by preventing buddy punching and time theft.

Our online time clock and automated time tracking software also eliminate the many man-hours that are spent to manually process payroll. These savings can then be distributed throughout your company as needed, and your payroll managers can focus their efforts on other administrative tasks.

In addition to payroll savings, our online, paperless time and attendance system eliminates unnecessary supplies like physical time cards and ink ribbons. In-house office supplies, like photocopied time sheets, also become a thing of the past because of our wireless time clock recording.

Paperless Environments

In addition to payroll savings, our online, paperless time and attendance system eliminates unnecessary supplies like physical time cards and ink ribbons. In-house office supplies, like photocopied time sheets, also become a thing of the past because of our wireless time clock recording.

If you're ready to modernize your employee-tracking system, view our latest timeclock models.